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PT05 Pleat Vase, Clear, 26 cm,

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About this item

  • Height: 26cm
  • Designed to echo the soft folds of pleated fabric
  • Subtly flared contours and a modern fluted finish
  • Handwash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Quality Raw Materials

The raw ingredients sand, ash and lime are in the kiln until molten, then gathered, shaped and blown by the glassblower. Occasionally during this process, small air bubbles get trapped and may appear within the finished object. This is a natural characteristic of the handmade process and makes each piece unique.

It requires great skill and expertise to make products by hand. Our 50 year heritage of working closely with skilled craftsmen has given us a unique understanding of the properties of mouth-blown glass. This experience allows us to design to the strengths of makers, experimenting with different techniques to make unique products.

It can take up to 8 people to make a product. Glassblowers work in teams and each person is responsible for a specific element of the product, training for years to perfect their skills. One of the most demanding techniques is scissor cutting the rim of a large object which involves trimming the hot glass with metal scissors to produce a thick, rounded, rim.

Inspired by the way people live and mindful of provenance and craft, Monika leads a small team of designers in our London studio. We take a sustainable approach to design which goes beyond form and function to create considered products of intrinsic value.