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Premium Pack of 2 Cross-Stitch Throws, 125 x 150cm,

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About this item

  • Product Composition - Soft, versatile, and perfect for layering, our throws are made from pure cotton. Cotton fibers are natural hollow fibers; they are known as soft, cool, comfortable, skin-friendly, absorbent, and breathable fibres.
  • Use - Suitable For Single Beds or 1 Seater Sofa/Arm Chair. Perfect for using In the living room as a sofa throw or bedspread or can be used in picnics.
  • Pair Pack Complementing Throw - Pack of 2 contains 1 x Grey / Ivory throw and 1 x Ivory throw.
  • Care Instruction - Machine washable at 30 degrees (Dark colours to be washed separately).
  • Product Dimensions - 50" x 60" Inches or 125 x 150 cm approx.

Sumptuously Soft To Touch- Combining Style and Affordability

A Simple Way to Freshen The Look of Your Home - Pick the Perfect One to Match Your Mood or Style.

Perfect for adding a stylish finishing touch to your bedding. This Pack of 2 Cross-Stitch throws is perfect for cosying up on the sofa or for adding a bit of texture to your sofa or bed. The bright collection of EHC Pack of 2 Cross-Stitch throws will add a splash of colour to your current décor. Add some comfort to your bed, sofa, or chair with these Pack of 2 Cross-Stitch throws, which comes in your choice of colours and sizes to suit your existing décor. The throw is made from skin-friendly cotton and is cosy whether snuggling up on your own or sharing with a friend. Perfect for layering on your favourite chair, sofa or bed, made of cotton. This large size throw is suitable as a blanket for smaller beds.

Carefully Selected Hot trends & Some Classic Evergreen Color - Available in 4 Colors

Can be used for draping across sofas, chairs or beds to add colour and a decorative touch, but don't forget to use them to warm up your cold feet on winter nights or to use as a cover for a chair where the family pet might like to cosy up. They can instantly update an old armchair and give a new feeling to a room – while expressing your style.

Commonly used in interior design. The small size and unique style of these throws, make them great as accent pieces in any room. Designers use throws to add pops of colour or unique texture to an otherwise boring space. It serves a decorative purpose, as it can add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room.

It's not just a Throw, It’s your early morning companion with a warm cup of tea. It’s an object of comfort. It’s your picnic spot. It’s a gift to a grandparent. It’s your nightly ritual. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones. It's a ‘feel better soon’ and ‘welcome to your new home’ and ‘something special for a special day’ all wrapped into one.

Everyone wants the durable throw, but not the tedious care instructions that come with it! That's why we created our machine washable throws. Simply pop it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Passionate About Bringing You The Finest Quality Bedding

Image showing clear details of the Navy blue/ivory throw

Ideal for warmer nights, this pack of lightweight throws will add a splash of colour to your home. Available in 4 shades - Duck egg/Ivory, Grey/Ivory, Beige/Ivory & Navy Blue/Ivory. These throws will surely be a contemporary and cosy addition to your home and a common accessory to furnishings. They're more than simply functional; they are style makers that add pattern, colour, and warmth to any room. They are lightweight, can be draped anywhere, and make fantastic housewarming and holiday gifts.

Featuring a pack of two contrasting reversible throws - one plain ivory throw and another in trendy colour with an Ivory base. Both the throws in a pack boasts an ever-popular cross-stitch pattern running through. The throws are finished with the fine & elegant fringing on the shorter sides. Making them perfect for all occasions.

These throws are woven by hand using traditional weaving methods passed down through generations of artisans. The colours and dyes of this collection are carefully curated to coordinate with the latest trends and colour theme of your home. This is a two-piece set for added functionality and fashion in your home - both throws are designed to coordinate with each other but also stand alone.

Folded look of Cross stitch throw