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Encasa Herringbone Pattern Throw Blanket, 127 x 152 Cm

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About this item

  • Large Size: 50" x 60" (127 x 152 cms) with Medium Weight.
  • Smart Design: 4 cm Herringbone Design Woven Fabric with Contrasting Dark Colours & Black Fringes gives the Classical look
  • Cotton Fabric: Does not give allergies, does not develop static like wool, acrylic or polyester, and is comfortable any time of day. At the same time it is thick enough to keep you warm in summers & autumn.
  • Machine washable: To keep it Clean & Fresh. Colours are fast to wash, but must be washed separately.
  • Durable: Strong threads makes for a long lasting product.

The classiest and coziest addition to your living room


The best way to add style to your home. Regardless of whether on your couch, bed, or accent chair, our classy Herringbone Weave throws are the perfect addition. Lightweight and made with Natural Cotton fibers, they are super comfortable and will keep you cozy and snuggling for longer.

The high-quality fringes add a natural and farmhouse look to any décor that you may have at home and never goes out of style

This beautifully designed herringbone chevron weave throw blanket with fringes is the perfect accent piece

Lightweight, airy and easy to store away, they are also suitable for carrying to the beach or park

Our beautiful cotton throws are an essential décor piece for your home. They are comfortable, airy and cozy and make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor piece. They will also become the first item you pack away for a trip given how thin they fold up.

The herringbone texture adds sophistication, while the fringes add a nice laid-back look. Perfect addition to any room in your home.

Made with Recycled Cotton, they're super comfortable and you're doing your bit for the environment too.